Sunday, December 13, 2009

Useful Holiday

I have no clue how to start this post. First of all, I took 2 days off and that gave me 4 days at a stretch including the weekend. Now this being December 2 week, nobody else I know can take off from office. So here I am stuck for the entire last week of December working while others are holidaying, and I have these 4 days to enjoy while everyone else is working. To start with, I thought I will travel for atleast a part of this holiday. And as it turned out, my parent play a big role in my life nowadays by controlling where I drive their car. So I didnt drive out of town. Period.

After lazing around at home for 2 days, the third day, I decided to get over the rust, make the holiday more "useful", went to a family function and unexpectedly went to uncle's farm. Incidently, his farm shares some Ayurvedic centers and Art of Living as neighbours. I wanted to try these places for a while durign my visits to his farm, but have been engrossed in the ducks and dogs and never had time. This time, another visitor showed interest in visiting the Nisarga Health Care and we went. The Resort has a variety of Ayurvedic massages, health and beauty treatments and mostly share clientale of Art Of Living. The treatments are professional and surprisingly inexpensive as compared to spa s in Bangalore. The basic Abhyangam massage was one of the best I have had. Also, co-incidentally, Sri Sri happened to be at the Satsang an hour later and mom, grand mom etc wanted to hang around. Sure I took part in this Satsang and had a nice time with the persent day Bhajans. These Bhajans have catchy beats and people start dancing as and when they like. Its obviously a fun thing, not sure of the Bhakti factor though. The free prasadam dinner is also a pleasant surprise with the quality of food they serve. I would anytime, suggest this full day activity.

If you like to visit:
Nisarga Health Care
Ph: 91 9845647491

For a Yoga flavored holiday, here's some..

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Anjuli said...

well, although your holiday did not start as you intended- at least you got to enjoy something 'useful' :)


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