Monday, December 7, 2009

Sunday Dinner in Bengaluru

A good part of Bengaluru's spending population doesn't cook at home on weekends, and agreeably so. Well, they don't even cook on weekdays, but thats not the idea here. Back to the point, weekends start from Friday night and end on Sunday night. But most of Bengaluru's restaurant business seems to consider the weekend business as Friday night to Sunday noon only. What happens to the people who want a decent dinner on Sunday night to overcome the sunday-ending-blues? No clue...

Last night, we went to Casa Del Sol, a good place in the recent times. Usually, we hit this one for Friday or Saturday nights and have seen good service and good food. But yesterday was an exception. The singer and guitarist were not playing, that was ok, they need a break too. But looks like the chef and bartender were on a break too. This is not great news to anyone. Imagine paying all that money at a fancy restaurant and having a intern cook your meal and mix your drink? The usual thin crust Gradenia veg pizza sucked with fat crust which wasn't even well cooked. The crust was not crisp, and topping was only capsicum. The good ol' friends would understand my hatred to capsicum :-( If the crust is disappointing, the pizza is as well. And the mojito was clear enough to match my lime juice.. For the first time in years, the hangout place let me down.

My advice: Don't try a fancy restaurant on Sunday nights. They don't expect business and have novices to handle the load.

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Anjuli said...

Frustrating!! A restaurant should always be prepared for whoever happens to come to eat. (especially if it is in the pricey range)


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