Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jobhunters Anonymous

In my days of searching hunting the "right" job, I have been through so many phases. Recalling those days was such a eye opener for me that I had to put it over here hoping to prevent any reader from making the same mistakes. Here goes:

* I dreaded 'Walkin interviews'. The number of people (in thousands) gathered at the venue gave me a complex. i couldn't imagine fighting off so much competition. It felt like destitute s standing outside a free food stall. Inside me, I hated the fact that I had to compete with masses because I thought I could do better. That was the mistake. If you fight off thousands, no 1 person/panel behind a desk can intimidate you anymore.

* Money. I looked for counter offers after I had a offer in hand and knew the job would do me good. If you have the slightest intuition that the job offer you got will do you good, now or years later, don't have a second thought. At a point, sooner in your career you will realize the money you sold out for wasn't worth after all.

* Domain. When I was fresh from college, I wanted to find a job relating to Electronics because that was my undergrad subject. I got a coding job like millions of other people in India and hated the idea of learning something from scratch. What I didn't realize was, I had to anyway learn everything from the scratch if that is the first job. Same applies to the cross domain/functionality jobs. Unless you are mentally prepared to learn from the scratch, you will suck at what you do.

If you have any more points, feel free to share.

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Anjuli said...

Excellent points!! I think these are exactly what someone who is looking for a job needs to know.


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