Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Wedding Season... all about intercaste marriages

This period of time starting October all the way to December is an absolute marriage season. And now that cousins are getting married, your's truly has also been branded "marriageable" and is keenly observing all the marriages. When I announced my cousin's marriage to a firang friend, he asked "did the stars match?" and I replied "i dont know. he's marrying someone he liked". For once I shook my head and realized what I said. Truly my cousin married for love!

Ok, now the trivia. A few days after the wedding was announced all aunties and uncles were busy, not working for the marriage but gossiping about the "girl from a different caste". Just as I saw passed by any relative intermittently, the curiosity I had, turned slowly from interest to disgust. Oh! how much they gossiped! And then they poured out their hearts to the groom's parents to induce more misery to the already love-marriage-shocked parents. After a few months, all this had passed and it was time to drop invites. The grand uncles and grand aunties relative circle had already run out of gossip for this subject and the groom and family made a grand entrance to personally invite us all. Again a new topic started in the grand circle. "The family has no friction now" gossip. But then there are people interested in that as well.

The marriage itself. I wont even go into any details of it. Except there were loads of people, looking different and inducing gossip topics among my grand circle. But I am sure, the gossip was equally reciprocated by the bride's grand circle as well. Whoooaa! How do they have so much energy after retirement?

Anyway, here's me wishing cousin and his bride a great life ahead!


Anjuli said...

Oh I would so loved to have you describe more of the wedding. As far as the gossiping- as my hubby always says, "We can't make a dog stop barking"- just have to let it run its course.

I too wish the newly weds a wonderful marriage!!

Sindhu :) said...

Ask me about having a love marriage at home!

My sister's was an intercaste - and immediate family was all very happy with the choice. All the problem happens with this so called 'extended family'! Its seriously disgusting sometimes!

Preethi said...

I attended a intercaste marriage too recently, and I understand what you say... I just hope atleast 10% of those people were "concerned" and not just gossiping...I guess it requires a LOT of courage and belief to brave all those odds and get married to the one you love...All the best to the newly weds!!


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