Saturday, November 21, 2009

Earlier days in Bangalore

I was reading about the Bangalore Festival (21 nov- 29 nov 2009) in Times of India. In the first place, I felt weird that Bangalore Habba till last year has now become Bangalore Festival, let alone becoming Bengaluru Habba. What the hell does that mean? Are we now catering to non-Bangalore crowd or what? Why does Kailash Kher have to sing in this festival when there are local masters like Raghu Dixit? This put me to thinking down the memory lane when Bengaluru was still Bangalore and I was unperturbed about any changing times for time stood still then.

One memory of weekends was the my father's scooter ride to Vishweshwariah Industrial Museum. This place was a great favorite as a 4 year old. I loved the way a button press would start a waterfall for 2 minutes, which otherwise elders would admire as water gushing onto rotating blades which probably lit up a little bulb somewhere. But c'mon water fell right in front of my eyes and there was like a few rock behind it giving a forest like experience. I felt like a super hero starting and stopping a waterfall.

And then there was the beginning of civilization with wheel and axle and I what appealed to me was the entry to this room which was dimly lit and had statues of men and women rolling the wheels. It was so amusing. I remember trying to give them a hand to roll those carts.

Another floor had a voice recognizer. I could talk into it and it would show waves of differing sizes. Then there was the huge cone with a long curved stem. You just have to drop a coin into the cone and it would circle hundreds of times and fall out of the end of the stem. This was such a cool time pass.

At the end of all these, we would head to Cubbon Park for the Toy Train ride. This was a standard protocol. I would then go to the ice-cream shop in the middle for a chocobar. Then to the merry-go-round and giant-wheel. A round of horse riding right next. Last was a boat ride. What was more amusing about this boat ride was standing in the line to buy tickets for the boat ride, next to the stegosaur monument.

The last time I went to Cubbon park was in Class 10 and this was no where close to thte Cubbon Park I knew so I don't even feel like going there now to see some place I cannot recognize.


Anjuli said...

Its always wonderful to have such memories- it reminded me of the science museum I used to take my children too- such great memories made there. Unfortunately time marches on and things do change.

Warriorwithin said...

i also used to do exactly this and it was my favorite as well. I had taken a few cousins of mine(8-10 year olds) there and couldn't believe what a pathetic place it has become now. It was a mini shivajinagar. and tourists(mostly northy) pressing buttons like crazy as though they have just discovered modern world.

I agree with you about kailash kheer. I would also prefer Raghu dixit concert over this kailash ch****a. I guess the mass immigration has shifted the market towards non kannada audience. We are already a minority in our native land.

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

@The Great Warrior
:( , I studied in a very small college, where there were nominations from all the states. I eat rajma with as much fun as I do sambar, when neither of them are my staple food. Ya I know I am a fool. Kind of irrrational.
I think all the mega cities are crowded, poor people, greedy people, come there to work .I will not deny that 'Northies' are not that tech savvy, rustic fellows. You can always excuse those poor soles with your humble heart and teach them instead.

Nikhil said...

Yes, looks like the good old gulmohur-lined garden city Bangalore days are gone for ever...


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