Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dummies guide to doing your own thing

If you work for someone/ are being employed by a corporation and yet crave to not be a slave, you might want to read this. Else, you could happily skip or provide your valuable guidance to dummies.

Maybe you are a person you doesn't like taking orders. Or maybe you just believe "great men don't listen to anyone", but now are being forced to be "little" by taking orders. Live frugal and save for that thing you want to do. The author of this blog thinks a coffee shop in the next road or a junk jewelery store in Hampi are perfectly good ideas for doing your own thing. But then, frugal living and saving wont fund a business. You need to take some bigger risks. Like a loan. Is that the biggest fear?
Lets say you are working for a big corporation and take your job seriously like anyone else. Is the seriousness reciprocated? I wonder!

My friend started investing a substantial portion of the salary in running a paying guest accommodation in Bangalore and made some good money.
I heard a happening chain of coffee shops in India, running business from atleast a decade, recently broke even.
Cousin moved from USA to random asian cities for few months each for the happening asian party scene.
Inspiring me yet confusing me!!!!

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