Sunday, August 9, 2009

Low profile

Its so weird to keep a decently low profile. Feels a little too unlike me. But the low profile can decently be attributed to the loads of work which leaves lesser and lesser time on my hands. Also, your's truly started taking Yoga classes last week. That just about turned my life cycle by 270 degrees. You know why? i would sleep really late, wake up late, work late and sleep late again. And after Yoga started, I woke up early, swam through the day with headache and coffee, couldn't sleep early either, woke up early again.
Now this problem is difficult to be fixed. There is no way I can wind up work early, even if I start early, because I support North American business. :-(

Maybe my tagline should be "served Brits for centuries, yet serving Amigos"


Smita said...

Awww! Quit Yoga? ;-)

Anjuli said...

It's always so difficult when we change our biological clock- I'm a sleep late get up early type person- if someone tries to get me to sleep early I feel like the whole world is ending!! :) Hope your clock gets set right soon.

the stygian sailor said...

okay, did you join Yoga so that you could sleep better at any point of the time in the 24 hours given to you OR did you join Yoga to feel healthy?
if it is neither, then just don't do yoga. you support north american business, fine, but you dont really have to follow its health fads.
sleep more in the same time. it will do you more good

Sneo said...

awww... i dont want to quit Yoga..
btw, the progress is: sleep cycle is getting close to 12-5 and caffeine intake came down to 3 mugs a day

we are going the healthy way!!.. and hope to become slim and trim and young too


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