Friday, August 28, 2009

Congrats on the new car

My parents spent their hard earned money and bought a cute A star. I am congratulating myself on the arrival of the new car today. I was at a friend's wedding shower (read Mehandi) and parents picked me in the new car. We reached home and your's truly needed a drive too. So daddy dear left the engine running with hazards on . Just as we were paying off the guy who drove our old car, I shut the door. After 20 seconds the car locked from inside. And we were all shut out with the duplicate key on the dashboard and car in ignition. The initial plan was to take a nice drive around neighbourhood and go for the Raghu Dixit concert. But now everything toppled my plans. My bag with phone, wallet, keys and makeup (for the next day's wedding) was all locked inside along with the new car covers. Long long wait. Then I decided to borrow cash from mom and went for the last part of the concert and Mr. Dixit still didnt disappoint me. He sang ninna poojege last. Eventually the helpline sent a smart guy who didnt need to break lock or glass. So that's a day!


praddy said...

congrats on the new car :)

Am always scared that someday i may leave the remote lock with the car keys inside and the car getting locked ;)

Liked the Raghu dixit's music, he performed here in Chennai once for a FM launch and it rocked! loved his Kannada songs.

Anjuli said...

congratulations on the new car. Glad the lock guy didn't need to break the lock or the glass!!


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