Sunday, July 19, 2009

Quick ride to Brigade road..

I had a quick and short ride to Brigade road today. In public transport for Rs.8/-. If thats good enough, read on. Bangalore usually has good city bus connectivity to legacy-popular bus stations but not to shopping hubs like MG road and the area around. The recent BIG10 bus service seems to shuttle to almost every happening sub-urb from city centre, which is Brigade road junction. I hadn't tried it till today and just happened to hop on seeing the Brigade road destination. I was there in 20 minutes, in the exact shortcut I follow if I hired an auto.
What more? All these BIG10 buses end at Brigade road and since that is the way back, these buses are usually empty. Not a a/c bus btw. Anyway, I recommend these green buses to anyone wanting a ride till Eva Mall minus the Bengalooru auto jhanjat


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nazia said...

even i visited d place few days back n found dat transportation is much much better than delhi...n Volvos in b'lore....simply wow....

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rakesh said...

i thought comment moderation was enabled ;)


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