Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pisa and Firenze

We took the morning train to Firenze (Florence). It was sunny and very Italian sun. Since this was going to be our day trip, we checked out of the hostel and carried our bag to Firenze. Deposited the backpacks at the station for 4 euros for 5 hours. Well, you don’t really have options while doing day trips unless you want to carry 20 kgs on your back for the whole day to save 5 euros.

Trains run to Pisa twice in a hour. We reached pisa around lunch time. Got into a local bus and went to see the only tourist attraction of the small town. Visited a side walk restaurant for some great Italian meal of Penne Arabiata (obviously), Pizzas (obviously) and something really nice that I tried and don’t remember. Obviously over priced for sitting next to the Leaning tower of Pisa. The tower is the only attraction of the town of Pisa. And there are loads of people posing next to it with the clichéd pose of pushing the leaning tower. Damn, now that I think of it, its so clichéd. But then, you cant even chuck Pisa out of the tour.

Back in Firenze, we walked from the station to see the masterpiece, David with his tiniest David. It is a 15 minute walk along the streets and alleys of Firenze. There was a huge queue outside the Academia and the cost was ~12 euros. There were a lot of medieval paintings by artists I hadn’t even heard of but then the main attraction of the place is David.

Michael angelo, the famous painter sculpted David. He is a historical character from the story “David and Goliath”. Just a nude 17 ft guy. But the white stone has some marvels. Till date I hadn’t seen veins and muscles on stone and David had it.

Some shots from Italy:

Places to Stay: I would suggest you do Pisa for a day trip becaus ethere is nothing other than the tower. So stay at Florence. Hostels!

Cost of Day trip to Pisa: If you have Eurail pass, you saved most of the money. So 15-20 euros for a half day


Mampi said...

wow, every single post of yours is making my own irada firm-go go go to europe with a backpack.

and girl, whats with your bharatnatyam pose in front of every place you visit?

Sneha Divakar said...

he he.. its my indian style of posing for the "where the hell is sneha?" video

Sneha Divakar said...

Bharatnatyam pose? he hehe.. ROFL

Anjuli said...

Oh I loved the pictures- you have captured the place.


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