Sunday, June 21, 2009

Esplanade, Bangalore

Despite being a fan of experimental food, I had never really experimented Bengali cuisines. Except the sweets ofcourse. And that, because my best friend is Bengali. And now that my boss is Bengali, I had to try the rest of the Bong buffet. No regrets, I totally enjoyed the buffet at Esplanade in Koramangala.

The buffet has lesser variety for vegetarians. Well, I wasn't really expecting veg-bengali food. But yeah, they could have easily included the more common Rasgulla and Mishti Dohi and Dohi Boda.

There were 2 starters, 1 vegeterian.. like alu bajji. The other was fried fish. Maybe that wasn't a starter! They served a few starters to our table. Not sure if we ordered them. 2-3 veg dishes, a few chicken and fish dishes, luchi (that is a poori made of maida), rice and dal. One dish was a banana plant mashed to make kofta. It was sweetish tasting. and then there was banana flower mashed and fried to make a starter. This was also sweetish.

The dessert was Malpua and Sandesh. We also ordered Mishti Dohi. Good stuff.

They just served baked or fried brinjal pieces, the whole length of it. I dont know if that is Bengali or the beginning of civilization or the Chef's special.

Overall, worth the try! Rs.200/- for the lunch buffet. You can order extra sweets if you have a sweet tooth, at a reasonable cost.


Smita said...

Having stayed in Orissa have a slight bit of idea about the food of Eastern India but never liked it much :-(

Guess it comes from the fact that I don't eat non-veg.

Mampi said...

Do they eat everything mishti??
would like to try it though, for i have a mishti tooth..

Sneha Divakar said...

no.. only desserts are mishti.. very mishti. try it, mampi!

Kanupriya said...

I love Bengali non-veg food! Totally crazy for some fish dishes but dont find the veg dishes to be that great :).
BTW r u back from ur world tour? How long were u out?

Sneha Divakar said...

hey kanupriya, i am back form the tour. not world tour though, just Europe. backpacked for 17 days :-)

Anjuli said...

I just saw a documentary on the revival of commercial bengali food- inotherwords, formerly they said it was more homecooked- but they are seeing a upswing of it being available in more eating spots etc. It was great hearing of your experience.

The knife said...

great to hear of a good buffet at Rs 200. Surprisingly there are many good vegetarian dishes - luchi (soft puris), chholar daal (channa daal), alu posto (potato in poppy seeds), shukta (a slightly bitter appetiser), slu bhaja (Indian fries) and phuchkas (pani puris, hundred times better) and all our sweets are vegetarian! Don't be taken in by our fish posturing :) You can take a look at my food blog and the bengali section for some stuff. I must warn you that there aren't too many veg stuff there though


Hi Anjuli,
You said you saw a documentary on commercialization of Bengali Food...Can you give me any pointer to that...or at least the name!!!

Thanks in advance!!


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