Monday, January 26, 2009

Chitrasante 2009

I finally took part in Chitrasante on 25 Jan 2009.
the event was inaugurated by the chief minister of Karnataka. I liked the folk dances which were a part of the kickoff. Chitrasante literally means Art Fair. And that was exactly the scene for over a lac people from different states across the country, who came all the way to be a part of this event. The crowd was strong and almost consistent. But then the excuse for most middle class people would have been a low cost family outing with feeding their kids popcorn and cotton candy while they strolled by the stalls throwing a glance at otherwise priceless art.

It was an actual street fair for artists and paintings. The entire KumaraKrupa road was taken up for this event and every 3 feet was marked a stall on the pavement on both sides of the road.
Initially I mixed my artworks with another group but then moved them to my own stall later in the day. A friend printed some photographs and set up his shop along with mine. I had one print of a certain sunset photograph I had taken. That sold!

Well the success story of the day is: your's truly sold the digital art Rhythm a few minutes before winding up the stall.


Vaibhav said...

Cool..Congratulations for being able to sell "Rhythm"...painting is truly superb. So where do we go for the treat now?
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Sandeep said...

Rhythm sold! :)

I knew it would.. and btw for the stall space i'd want to take 30% :P

Bedazzled said...

wow !!congrats on u r sale ...

Manasa said...

Oh, I missed it :(

Congrats :)


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