Thursday, December 18, 2008

Secret Santa

I am busy playing Secret Santa in Office.

Here's how we play,

1. Write all the players' names on chits.
2. Pick a chit from the Santa Box.
3. The name that turns up in the chit would be your "Secert Child".
4. Make your "Secret Child" do some fun tasks. Keep the tasks simple and funny.
5. Gift your "Secret Child" with some thing that he/she would like.

Please remember the whole purpose of this game is have some fun. So lets not offend anyone by giving unacceptable/unrealistic tasks or force someone to do a task unwillingly.

Here are some guidelines :

1. Gift should be of ~Rs 200.
2. All the tasks should be printed out and pinned up on the Pin-up board near your team sitting area.
3. Please donot reveal or share information of your secret child to anyone.

Have Fun !!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW. We thought of playing in class too. Decided against it, 'cos we didn't know how the boys will respond :D :((

Mampi said...

Well, you do these tricks in public, or in their own cabin, limited to you and the secret child??

Sneha Divakar said...

Mampi: the tricks would be performed in front of all players. remember the santa is secret. so everyone sees the acts of everyone.

Kanupriya Sindhu Ramrakhyani said...

Oh wow! So, how is it going???

Sindhu :) said...

We tried playing this once actually - but a boy who was involved was the target crush of two other girls involved and one of them got his name on the chit

the other girl got upset about it & she made some naatak and got the whole game canceled :)))

Got sooooooo angry at their stupidity then - laugh at it now :))

SunRays said...

Good thing they have fixed the price for the gift....a friend of mine who gifted a teddy bear got only chocolates in return and he would not stop cribbing about it for weeks :D

Sneha Divakar said...

i got a nice archies perfume :-)
now i feel it is a definite play for team building

Ryan.A.Nash said...

awesome :). The result would be fun to watch.

Santosh said...

We had this in our office 2 years back and i was the secret child. I got a cool wind chimer :o) It was so much fun.

നിരക്ഷരന്‍ said...

merry christmas

Chriz said...

the secret dad and secret child game that guys play and the secret momma game that girls play in hostels/.. cool one

Manasa said...

Many NGOs are also taking up the task of gifting children.


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