Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The 5 quirky things tag!!!

1. blog-dreaming: When I am on vacations, I think of the next travelogue, like a dedicated blogger.. And when I get back and open the blog, I hardly feel like typing out anything. Now, don't ask me how I complete my travelogues..Somehow :)

2. i have one flat eyebrow and one arched eyebrow. Now, any XX chromosome counterpart would understand what an important quirk this is!

3. everytime I elate that i found the right guy, it takes me the exact same downward curve in the shortest possible time :( :(

4. when I see people signing off as "we love you", i think they are doing emotional atyachar

5. i lose hair when i use expensive shampoos. i am just used to cheap sh*t in life

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