Friday, November 21, 2008

Recession Blues

Being a part of the whole layoff scene can give you a different mindset, whether you are an active participant or a passive one.
Like any other company, mine is also sailing through the same rough waters and resorting to cost-cutting and work force reduction. Early hours yesterday, I got a message from a night shift employee about this and the rest of my night was nightmare of getting laid off, unemployment and poverty. But the blow was when I reached office and saw the email. Another blow when I heard the names of employees who got laid off.
Also heard "the man" saying that being a part of a lay off is difficult, from either side, more difficult as a employer to hand out a pink slip. Well, I have not experienced that side of it yet. But fear of being on the side I am in, is as traumatizing. Its like standing on a tall tower and balancing on a pin point. The moment you lose focus, you come crashing down.
Hey, its not yet the end of the world! Another colleague who was a part of a lay off a few years back said, his entire company went belly up and the whole lot went for a huge party that night and got drunk. Hmmm, some people don't fight for survival. They just do a job. That's why it is probably so easy.
If you get laid off:
-Just chill for a week, travel.
-Make your resume and contact consultants the 2nd week.
-Start giving interviews from the 3rd week. Give interviews for experience and to get the confidence.
-Then when you are interviewing for "that" job you desired, you can feel the dejavu.
-Enjoy the period between getting the offer letter and joining.


Tarun Goel said...

Cool, this way we can tackle it easily, it seems :P
We can teach this techniwue to the badly affected and exhausted CEO's as well :P :P

Prasad said...

hhhhmmmmm well i'd say these things are doing itz rounds everywhere! and the other day ppl asked me wot i'lldo and i jus said i'll go ona back pack trip to the hymalayas for a couple of months :DDDDDDDDDD and later tht nite i told my dad the same thing too! :D

Smita said...

Hmmmm.....being in the same boat I can understand your plight.

Just 2 days back a very good fren of mine post office sends a meesage to me saying that it was her last day in office. I was shocked not only for her but for future as well.

Right now it is my friends, neighbors, 2moro it can be me.

The only thing we can do is stay positive....

praddy said...

hehe the post cant come at a better time, Today Morning, i see a mail from my CEO saying 4% of our workforce worldwide will be cut!

going by the kind of luck i go through, hope it wouldn't be me :)

Sindhu :) said...

Thats a pretty nice way to put it .. :)

Yeah.. things will settle down for sure! Not to take too much tension :D

Warriorwithin said...

Well,thats was i exactly did when i was laid off :)

Sandeep said...

touch wood.. i don't wanna say more.

Santosh said...

Same story everywhere ! I hope and Pray you get on track soon :)

Its always easier to preach from the other side i know !


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