Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A hop away..

Right after Independence Day, like a rightful Indian citizen, I got my Voter's ID card.

And then I went off on a drive on Mysore road, with an idea to go to Big Banyan tree. But it was a hop away and didn't interest us much. SO continued the drive on Mysore road. Just a mention, there are now 3 Cafe Coffee Day's, 1 Barista and 1 MacDonalds on Bangalore-Mysore road. Did you know?
Stopped at Kaveri Sangama for 10 mins. Drove to Ranagantittu Bird Sanctuary. Took photographs for half an hour. And drove again.

Hit Mysore, drove around Kalidasa road, CFTRI, Vontikoppal, Manasa Gangotri (Mysore university) campus, Mysore Palace and stopped for a brief snack at Nalapak hotel. Here are some photos I took. Hope to paint them sometime this week.
This week, I cant stop listening to this song twice a day.


Sandeep Zechariah George K said...

posting your voters id card is a brilliant idea for getting your identity stolen or misused.

Can read most of the details! Even though its out of focus..

Sandeep said...

Whow.. that song covers almost everything in Mysore eh!

Your Mysore trip and twice a day that song.. sounds interesting :D :D

btw how's Ranagantittu now? i heard they had closed it for some time coz of flooding or was it a rumor?

Adnan Raja said...

Nice song. suddenly reminds me of my old home in Bangalore, with loud Kannada music blasting from the house next door.

arbitblogs said...

Yeah incidentally even i didnt know about the Barista and the McDonald's thing until last week! I usually go on a weekend morning long drive to Kamat Lokaruchi for breakfast and it is worth it! Both the food and the drive!
I also remember the NalPak hotel in Mysore. If i am not mistaken, it is near the zoo....
ANd similar to ur disappointment that the Great Banyan tree ended up being too near, even I had tried to trek near Ramanagar and then realized that it was too short a drive and so hit the road all the way to mysore! Was a wonderful experience!


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