Sunday, August 31, 2008

Monsoon Riding

Yesterday, I left from training around 4pm. The road I took home was not the usual one. I probably thought, I will get a shorter route. the afternoon shower had stopped about half hour back. As I was riding in a typical Bengaluru road, narrow yet a two-way, a certain guy decided to move his parked car from the left, suddenly! Well, everyone moves suddenly on namma Bengaluru roads! This car was going to block my way from the left, while I couldn't move right, because another Santro car was coming in the front. I tried to brake. And I skid. That's all. The car hadn't even touched me, but I fell off my bike, landed on all fours and looked up to see the opposite Santro's bumper move closer towards my face.

I hadn't ever seen IT that close. I couldn't face IT. I just lowered my head down in absolute surrender. But the Santro stopped, a few inches from my face. I just got up, picked up my bike, accepted the first car guy's apology and rode off. But IT freaked me out so much, that I almost blanked out a few minutes later, while riding. Now, I didn't want another fall or hit or whatever.. I just went to office, which was the closest place I could think of, where I could rest in peace.

Anyway, the Santro guy was probably guided by my Guardian Angel! Thanks to his non-skidy brakes, I came home to write this post. I am happy to be alive.


Sindhu :) said...

:-o :-o :-o!!!

%&#&*%^!! Some drivers are just plain blind, I tell you?

Really happy you are safe! Phew

Take care!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad that you are safe. Living in bengaluru, we are quite used to all this, aren't we? The auto-wallahs and the bus drivers are the most annoying people in the traffic scene!

Anonymous said...

One thing I know for sure is that even though I have been born and brough up in Bangalore, I will never be settling down here. Never!
After spending 4 years at a hostel in Mangalore, I cannot comprehend the insane traffic of Bangalore.
And btw, mangalore definitly is on my list of future places to settle.

Snazzed said...

ouch. Time to get your breaks checked and tyres retreaded. Im not being insensitive. But you know shit happens.

I'd been almost squished between two busses, but i got in one of em.

Sandeep said...

aww.. luckily i've never been so close in many of my accidents! touch wood..

good you are fine.. ride carefully..

THE REJECT said...

careful da

Santosh said...

Freaky man ! I went through something smilar couple of days back... Take care...


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