Saturday, August 2, 2008

I am, who I am

I am: just another materialistic soul
I think: sleaze most of the time
I know: I am not tech savvy
I want: to adopt a puppy
I have: no time of myself these-days
I wish: to travel to beaches more often
I hate: bad internet connectivity at home
I miss: my first dog SHERRIE
I fear: paying rent someday (when I start to live out of my folk's sphere of influence)
I hear: hindi songs from the 70's
I smell: vomit
I crave: for good food
I search: and am still searching his profile on Facebook
I wonder: when I will complete the painting I started 5 months back
I regret: being indifferent and insensitive for a significant part of my life
I love: chocolates
I care: for my Laptop first, and then my camera
I am not: bisexual, which some people confuse me for
I believe: there will be good times ahead
I dance: Salsa, mostly with men who I can strike chemistry with
I sing: when the music is loud enough to not be heard
I cry: alone and very often (because I read crying is good for the heart)
I don’t always: talk stupidly
I fight: mostly over money
I write: travelogues
I win: whenever I am in the spirit to fight
I lose: focus very quickly
I never: allow arguments to last longer then they should
I always: dig my nose
I confuse: people by their chat ID s
I listen: intently to other people's conversation
I can usually be found: shopping, just about anywhere
I am scared: that my 18 year old bike will stop running for good someday
I need: therapy
I am happy about: a perfectly lazy Saturday morning like this one

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Sandeep said...

I smell: vomit!? yuck..

Btw are you Aries?

Manasa said...

I hate bad internet connectivity esp during the weekends.

Salsa, I love it!

chethan shankar said...

It looks like online profile! :P

Arjun Sharma said...

Who the fuck is he? And why do you smell vomit?

You make being insensitive and indifferent sound like a bad thing.

Sandeep said...

Yeah. Vomit?

Gaurav said...

haha gud one Sneha! but ppl mistakin u for a bisexual... hmmmmm.... wonder y! :D

PS: The heading reminds me of that old Eminem track :)

veezzee said...

SHE NEEDS : THERAPY. I agree, I tolerate her everyday! ;D

Aditya said...

Have you heard U2's song, Walk to the water?

Oh and by the way, I still can't help but wonder -- you actually have an 18 year old bike?

Anonymous said...

And here is my general comment. I like this. Brutal honesty. Some girls know about vomit.

manu said... that was quite a dossier!!

Vomit definitely takes the cake...Somebody place a bottle of Issey Miyake(I personally like this one ;) ) next to her!!

Bisexual...hmmm...interesting...I wonder why you think ppl think of you on those lines....Caught in the act...? :P :)

Therapy...impressed by the self confessed desire for a shrink...would do a world of good for u! :) :P


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