Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mediterranean dinner

Yesterday i went to a Mediterranean restaurant for dinner. There were some strange animals which I had never seen on the dinner table. The buffet at MYNT had some 50 items. A variety of salads and starters.
pickled octopus and mussels... fried beef and pork starters , which i didn't bother about...
shavrama chicken, chicken with pecan and walnut,,,,good for a start.
falafel, hummus, typically Greek, which I have heard only at Gokarna....
falafel is flat base pizza and hummus is peanut butter paste... (so i don't forget the taste later)
flavored molasses,,, the name sounded terrifying, but the taste wasn't very bad. little sour and tomato-ish.
back to the octopus.... i dipped it in white sour sauce and it tasted like chicken.
lamb, beef and pork chops...again I keep away from red meat.
i ordered a veg pizza as a part of the meal. it was flat base again with really thin slices of some random vegetable i couldn't recognize.
oysters in their original shells, baked and flavored, natural flavored and fruit flavored.... the baked flavored ones were good, like a pastry.
some fresh pita bread in different flavors and a rice-y item which I felt had a close resemblance to the good old "uppittu".
20 different items for dessert and i had a feeling it would catapult out if I felt greedy to shove them down.
managed to have some mint and chocolate flavored ( the only 2 flavors i love) mousse and truffles.... cursed the kachori chat i had in the evening, which had killed my appetite!


Santoz said...

Thank god atleast the pizza was veg :-)

I had octopus in korea and puked exactly 8 times :0)

Truman said...

Which place was this exactly? Hey your Gokarna post has kind of inspired me to go there all over again. I have traveled a lot in Konkan -- Goa is where home is, then I have been to Karwar, Ratnagiri, Mangalore, Udupi. I have been to Gokarna too but it was touch and go :) Now I want to go there again!

Sneha said...

this restaurant is Mynt, in Taj Westend. 1000 bucks is like throw away price for all the food there.

and, you should really try Gokarna over a weekend. will be worth the travel

Warriorwithin said...

"falafel is flat base pizza and hummus is peanut butter paste..."
falafel is basically ambodey( a vada made of dal) and hummes is basically garlic sauce.may it was served in flat bread....

"rice-y item which I felt had a close resemblance to the good old "uppittu"
its "kus kus". or dappa rave....yesht dappa andrey akki kaal ashtu doddudhu.


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