Thursday, April 24, 2008

what to say!

* uptill a few months back, i was longing to borrow my friend's laptop for a day. now i have 2 and cant decide which one to use
* my father thinks i was born the year before my actual birth date
* i had a crush on a not-at-all good looking guy, but i thought he was kinda cute
* if no one buys me a cake for my birthday, i might just buy a big one myself and eat it all by myself
* i think i burned out a lot at the gym, but strangely it doesn't show either visibly or on the scales
* i wanted to write more on social issues but my thoughts are still materialistic and petty
* this one is serious: please give it a thought. i have a feeling i wont get many gifts for my birthday but i do wish it works the opposite.


Anonymous said...

gifts.. hehehe
I hope you do get some.
invite me to eat ur b'day cake and i will bring a present

Santoz said...

Get a huuuuuge blackforest or chocolate walnut cake ; invite me... one gift for you is pucca :-)

Have a happy happy b'day whenever it is :-)

Arjun Sharma said...

"i wanted to write more on social issues but my thoughts are still materialistic and petty"

THANK you! Good you made this candid admission. I am shamelessly materialistic and very, very mean and petty. The world doesn't need another 'introspective' blogger.

Sm95ZGlwdG8= said...

So how many gifts did you get for your birthday? I'm sure you can write something about that/those now that your birthday is long gone....

Sneha said...

aah, i got a tiramisu cake! and gifts...
a tissot watch
levis stone studded belt
laptop bag
.............yippieeeee!!! thanku :)

Sneha said...

materialistic gifta can surely make a petty mind happyyyy,,, what say/


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