Thursday, March 20, 2008

compounds and coconut trees

"sasyapremigala swargadalli plastic naraka". I read this in the news paper and went into that environmental awareness mood.
In this part of town called Jayanagar 9th block, a residence to many rich and not so rich people, i have seen walls and compounds of adjacent houses overlap. On the street I live, it is the compound walls. When my grand parents moved here just 18-20 years ago, there were not more than 2 houses per street, and my grandfather generously planted a coconut sapling in his compound. And then everybody who moved in did the same. Now this coconut tree in our compound is bound by walls on 2 sides and grills on the other 2 leaving a circular opening for its neck to grow. Just as I think "How unfortunate!", I see the same plight of every other tree in every neighbor's compound. I even heard a neighbor tell my grandmother that she wanted to chop off the tree in her compound because people complain about her tree's dried branches falling into other people's houses and terraces. That's getting sad!
And then today I saw another coconut tree get chopped off part by part and I stereotypically gasped "What is this city coming to!"


Anonymous said...

i still can't imagine how ur grand-dad managed to plant the tree in a way in which it is now bound on 2 sides by grill...


| |
| |
| house |
| |

where is the tree?

yes, i am jobless..

Sneha said...

======== road


its more like this

Anonymous said...

when i tried drawing it, it looked allright in the "leave ur comment" box, but when it got posted it got all scrwed up.

so assuming --- is compound and | to be grill,
why did thatha put gril at the back of house to strangle the tree..

Sandeep said...

Hey sneha..
wanna do something more than just put up a blog post?

check out:

Sandeep said...

Trees for Free

here's the link

Dumb blogspot, not smart to detect the link!

Vinni said...

i was in bangalore just yesterday. it really could do with some trees!

Câmera Digital said...

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Vinod R Iyer said...

It is heading to only one direction .. Extreme global warmth !! Sad but true ..

chethan shankar said...

Yes, trees should go if its hindering developement. THe thing with us indians is we HAVENT planned anything either for the green cover or for the industrial/technology developement. Everything is on the run and time patched. Only if we had planned housing layouts and the minimum green cover it should sustain, then problems wouldnt have arisen. Yaavano site maarthaane, yaavano gida nedthaane, totally random and unco-ordinated. I am not tryin to compare cities like NYC and Blore, I am just pointing out loopholes. anyways, its high time we got organised and start planning things.


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