Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stars on earth

Ya, I saw Taare Zameen Par. Finally. Aagh! it sounds like a i finally made my hollywood debut. But still... I was putting it off because I hate crying at movies.
Lots of people told me that it is a cry-cry movie. Even when i went in I regretted forgetting the pack of tissues. But its ok, it wasn't that cry-cry also. Anyway i liked the movie.Same message of "don't pressurize your kids to become doctor, engineer" but this time with a disabled child.
The only thing I can relate to is the last part where the kid goes up the stage to receive his prize for the best painting and freaks out seeing the crowd and runs back crying. OMG! I cannot count the number of times I felt like doing that when I was going up a stage to receive a prize. Pity, eh?


Anonymous said...

I never attended an award ceremony for the same reason. Somehow, I am even scared today! By the way, dyslexic people are "differently-abled" not "disabled".

Sm95ZGlwdG8= said...

Someone gets extremely irritated when I put anonymous comments.

Sundar Rajan G S said...

TZP is a great movie! I watched it twice..


The movie is not a cry cry.. Like these TV sops... If you see.. there is not even a single instance When they *pitied* for the child.. That was a great movie coz it made us cry without them crying :-)

Vinni said...

it was a really good movie. really nice. well made..very different.

Sandeep said...

nice movie.. not great though ain't it?
Just glad that my parents didn't force anything on to me :)

btw i too watched on 26th! :)

Santoz said...

Loved the movie.

The only reason i remember running back crying, is cos they never ever called me on stage to receive any prize :-(. Such a loser. Honest, never in my life ever walked onto stage to get any prize. Not even for Housie or lucky draws :-)


PS : you should change the word "disabled" to challenged or dyslexic kid.

Sneha said...

>> sandeep, i watched it in pvr but not on 26. 25 evening... long weekend i must say

Sandeep said...

oh okk..
long weekends.. seems like mirage :)

Anonymous said...

One thing i don't understand is having the fear to go onstage the second or the third time..
first time i think might be a little difficult.. but as u say, u had so many occasions on which u were called on-stage.. wat was there to make u afraid after the first(few) time?

Sneha said...

>> each time was a first time, or for some strange reason felt so. the stage and set of audience is different every time. thats what makes it so scary. what say?

Anonymous said...

hmm.. maybe.
I have not been so talented..
so no onstage for me :( :(


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