Saturday, January 5, 2008

The final journey- Phase 4

Karnataka Express’ 3-tier ac from New Delhi to Bangalore felt like a sleeper class, rather an unreserved one. It was crowded to the brim with R-ac people. Buddhist monks reserved our whole bogie.

Tibetian monks are uncivilized and rude. The fact that they do not speak English doesn’t mean they block someone else’s way. Plus they eat and throw waste right next to their seats and dirty the entire bogie. How dirty can it get! I thought monks were the more disciplined species.

As I left to make conversation with a friend in 2-tier ac, a decent family offered me their berth for the night. I gladly accepted and offered some chocolates to their kid.

The Haryanvi guys with R-ac in our compartment tried to “make friendship with me”…
He: “mujhse dosti karogi?”
I said yes
He: “kahan pe padti ho?”
I said I am a software engineer. “kafi saal ki experience bhi ho gaya”….awww
He: “itni umar to nahin lagti aapki”… in a typically Haryanvi accent, that I imitated several times, even in front of him

A certain 23 yr old friend refused me the top berth for the second night. She was apparently adjusted to the place. Hmmm, I wonder!

As I got down at Bangalore, I ran in a hurry just because I was scared that I might be asked for help with carrying the luggage my friends had. It was about 11 bags from 2 people. I traveled light with just 1 huge rucksack for 13 days. I am too selfish to bear other people’s shopping load.

Peacefully drove home in the new swift.


Santoz said...

The Grand Finale eh ? :-)

Hope you brought back some nice memories for your next painting. A picturesque landspace of snow clad Kufri, backdrop of the Taj or a portrait of the haryanvi guy perhaps ! :p


Aditya said...

Finnaly got the time to read the compleate bolg. Excellent man....!!

Anonymous said...

Nice writeup of the trip in terms of Phases.
However, i would like to point out that they were monks from Mongolia not Tibetian monks.
Morever, one can't make a general statement about the entire community that "Tibetian monks are uncivilized and rude" based on a few people one has met. Especially when they were genuinely trying to talk in what little english they knew. Also, they didn't really dirty the compartment by 'throwing' waste around.
But the idea of writing in Phases is good!

Ramchender said...

All well that Ends Well..Since you say you Drove at Peace in the New Swift,the whole trip sounds like a Mixed Bag at the End.
Lots of Fun,Yummy Food nice people to meet (some boring as well)..I guess the Quarrel you had was the missing piece in the puzzle Now the Trip is complete with that bit of emotion too..


Guru said...

Hi Sneha,

Nicely written, Specially love the way you have made the blog a really concise one, considering that it was a 2 Week trip.

Good Going.




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