Friday, December 14, 2007

a few things

* I made this collage for my grandma's 80th birthday

* Today is my last working day for this year, 2007
* I am flying Kingfisher for the first time
* I haven't bathed for the last 3 days
* I like my neighbor's puppy more than my dog (I hate myself for this)
* I hate to pay bills and part with my money
* I still haven't made a plan/checklist for my travel though it was decided 3 months back
* I am hoping to cover more than 8 towns in less than 2 weeks.. ,like someone said "Hope is a good thing"


Santoz said...

* All the best for the first day in 2008... or is it in 2009 ?
* May the good times last a looong time :-) but i dunno how KF air can be exciting for girls, Guys love it for the Airhostesses :-)
* Now ! thats what i call a brave and honest confessions
* Kidnap it !
* Do you know of anyone who likes paying bills?
* Typically Girlish !!!
* Exciting !

Vinni said...

weird shit in your life too! LOL


Arjun said...

The 'haven't bathed for the last 3 days' worries me.

Happy new year.


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