Monday, November 5, 2007

Beach and I

If some one challenges me about passing my transcripts, I will bypass him in the route. Thats what I did. I went to Belgaum last weekend to get my transcripts. Took lots of pictures of the university, just to show to people who graduated from there, and managed to never see the campus. Good place, VTU!

Next day i was traveling.
Started at 9 and went to Hubli via Dharwad. This place Dharwad has so many colleges, engineering, medical etc etc... all on the one road that I traveled through.
From Hubli, I got into a bus to Kumta, the nearest point to Gokarna. This crappy bus crawled and crawled. I felt like I was traveling in Bangalore during peak hour traffic. huh! finally got off the crawler and got into another bus to Kumta. From Kumta, another bus to Gokarna.

It was 7 pm and already dark. I asked directions to walk to OM beach, the famous one. People including firangs who live there advised me to take a rickshaw. Everybody knows all the rates at this small town. I got charged 120 rupees for a ride to another side of a hill, which would have been a 40 rupees ride in Bangalore. By walk the beach is 4km away, ie if you walk up the cliff from the beach.
anyway I just checked into the shack. The tourist season begins mid-october. Remember! thats why I was charged 400 rupees for a shack-with-a-bathroom. "Namaste" has other shacks for 150 rupees, but with common bathrooms shared with 10 other people.
Omlette at the beach resturant and a walk on the beach... too good!!!!

Woke up next morning and went to the beach resturant. Thats a walk down the cliff. There were already firangs, lazing around. I took a walk on the beach, all the way to the other end of OM beach, sat at another shack cafe and had lime tea. Walked back and had Museli with fruits for breakfast. I started feeling like a lazy firang hippie myself. No bathing, just eating and lying on the beach. Too peaceful. :D

Then I start walking up the cliff to Kudle beach. Felt more peaceful there. More hippes, more good food, more G

Thats like the end-of-day. Walked back to the town on the "sharp stones" path that firangs warned us against, last night. It was slightly slippery since it had rained a bit in the after noon. But the rainbow that came out was just too much. It made my day!

Bus ride back from Gokarna via Honnavar, Shimoga sucks. I have never been thrown around and bumped and jostled like that, ever. Dont ever take Rajhamsa. Came to office with a half broken back today, more peaceful than ever.

Some photos


choti said...

i cant wait to visit Gokarna next time i am ther ! Someone told the the grass is always greener on the G side!

PS: G is gokarna, dimwits!

Sandeep said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandeep said...

G ain't gstring! :P

Vinni said...

:-) i have gone to the VTU campus myself. I must say they have done a splendid job. it really looks world class.
I was amazed to know the level of IT they are using that all the buildings are wifi enabled. quite something for belgaum!


bhatta said...

gokarna..wat can is ay..its my 2 days peace package man..n yes all tyhe french chics this was a good trip..;)..u know ...

Compassion Unlimitted said...

What a way to spend a holiday..envy you..half broken worries..the holiday of yours was too good comparitively,i guess

Adnan Raja said...

Some fun, eh!

Sneha said...

>> oh yeah.. lots of fun.. planning to go to gokarna again

Siddarth said...

alright, i really need some sdvice..
group of 8, never been to gokarna, nor kabini..
where should we go?

Sneha said...

>> i would suggest Gokarna unless it is a group involving senior citizens

Abhi said...

Would you have phone numbers of any of the shacks/accommodation on any of the Gokarna beaches? Could you mail me with the same? Thanks!

Abhi said...

Hey! Thanks so much for dropping by, and replying! :)

Now, I can't find an email address to reply to!

Anyway, I actually got the number of namaste cafe, but they were booked. Was wondering if I could get a reservation in some other such place like ganesh cafe, or any of the shacks? Any idea if acco shouldn't be a big issue, and be available on arrival?

Abhi said...

p.s. email address is on my blogger profile :)


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