Monday, October 15, 2007

Robber last night....

with all good intentions, i was awake a bit late last night. around 1.30 am i heard a slight noise, and few seconds later, between the closed curtains, saw a hand clasing my windowpane. ah! thats a robber, or its ravi ( the child labourer who works for my uncle) or it is my cousins trying to scare/fool me, or one of the drivers/workers from a nearby travel agency trying to get lucky with me. there is just me and my friend's laptop at home. well, the last one feaked me out of my skin, more than the robber stealing the laptop.

the series of events that followed-
-i called my aunt who lives downstairs
-she didnt even pick up the call
-sleeping probably
-she calls back after 2 minutes
-i tell her about the robber
-she panics... "are you scared, baby?" " you want to come and sleep with me, child?"
-finally... uncle comes out
-flashes his torch all over the building
-nobody found for obvious reasons
-he tells me to go to sleep, because i can see he felt sleepy
-i turn on all the lights at home
- i go back to studies and actually do stuff for another hours before turning off the lights
- i wake up this morning, bright and fresh, to see me and the laptop as safe as ever. :)

PS: i label this post "bangalore police" to say that there a lack of adequate security in my neighbourhood. what are the police doing, when people are getting robbed?????


Sandeep said...

Although you had no part to play in this event (or series of events) whatsoever, I applaud you for your bravery and quick-wit and I'm sure Kittur Rani Chennamma would've been proud.

Santoz said...

he tells me to go to sleep, because i can see he felt sleepy :-) lol...

How horribly mean yaar :-) Poor chap ! What did ya expect your uncle to do? Sit gaurd for you :-)

If he does read this blog, thats it. no more help for you, i am sure he will snore away the next time ! I pray there there is no next time though :p

lol... but funny narration :-)


Sandeep said...

Labels: bangalore police
:D :D

Vinni said...

did not get the sequence of events. U called the land lord while the robber was there? or u shooed him away and called?

Sneha said...

vin, i am the land lady....
i guess i scared the robber away probably.

Harish said...

Enu aage illa! Eno dramatise maaDbiDu.

One more pointnaanu illi heLi nanna ee comment close maaDtini. Adenappa andre, ee post swalpa niddeli bardiro haagide. Typographical errors jaasti ide. Sari.

weasleylovechild said...
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who8myrice said...

Hey, cool blog!
I love Indian blogs...they are all so awesome and they make me smile.
Alone at home in Bangalore = completely freaky.
I would have slept with my Aunty :)
"drivers trying to get lucky with me"
lmao good one...when i visit bangalore (bungalulu?) i always feel like they are ridiculously sex-deprived

who8myrice said...

there are cool places here?? well, my grandma never lets me leave the house without wearing long-sleeve shirts and carrying an umbrella so i just stay inside and watch friends reruns for the three months im there.

choti said...
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choti said...
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choti said...

did you really see somebody behind the curtains or were you just naturally high?? :D

Makk said...



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