Monday, October 29, 2007

Nostalgia eh?

Nostalgia gets nauseating if it is not taken in the right proportion.
Rajan writes about the good old days at R.V. I would have loved to add to it. But unfortunately I experienced the opposite when I went to college last weekend. The was a function with the governor coming and the entire staff were busy. Fine! I understand. But if you want to give me that reason for not sparing time to talk to me, say it nicely. How much dough do you lose for it?

I wasn’t the best student anyone could have bragged about. But as long as I can remember, I just didn’t give a damn about anyone in particular. It is not like a I gave a smirk to a senior teacher when I faced her in the department.

Oh yeah! I remember joining a hate community about a unanimously hated lecturer. Did you ever know of a demented soul who went into his hate community and remember each and every post by the author’s name? Damn it, I know that !@#$$% soul. And he actually recited my hate posts to me. Wow! That is @#$%%^&&* talent. Well, I AM not his student anymore. Maybe I used to be under his sphere of influence. Not anymore. I did better than that. I walked out of his presence even as he was yelling at me.

He: ah! snehad divakar
me: :|
he: come in (to his staff room)
me: ... go in... how are you, sir?
he: how come you are here?
me: *lied* i came for transcripts
he: yenamma, meshtranna baididdu ayita? (finished scolding teachers?)
me: :|
he: you think your realation with the college gets over as soon as you leave college?
me: :| (#$%^&&*&) i am sorry if i hurt your feelings
he: it is as good as scolding your parents in those words
me: (thats not true, my parents treat like a human being) :|
he: (loudly) you didnot deserve to pass ...i will see how your transcripts get cleared
me: the office will close. i have to go. i will see you later (@#$%^&* it means i am busy now, i dont have time for useless things)
he kept shouting even as i left his room.... LOSER


Vinni said...

hmmm! i dont know who u are talking about. but what a loser! istru dept really sucked then with the faculty. otherwise they rocked (before u scream at me).
I miss college days because of the fun I had and the people i came to know (read: friends) and the occasional flames (that too!).

balls to the lecturer, really! u doing great and thats just burning his pants off!

Vinni (aka Rajan)

Sandeep said...

Good you wrote a blog, this'd warn others to watch out for him anytime they are in college :D :D

Hopefully he's not reading this blog :D

Santoz said...

thats not true, my parents treat like a human being

ROFL on dat one !!!

Teachers... they are one nice distinct species arent they? cant do with them, cant do without em :-)

Preethi said...

hmm... all depts had their share of sad lecturers, i believe.. but saddistic ones like these? poor you..

i just added ur blog link in my home page.. thats fine na?

Anonymous said...

So he did succeed in preventing u from getting them from college!

No one else complained?

Sneha said...

>>i didnt get them from college. went to vtu to get them.
people in e&c dept treat you like shit if you go back...

Anonymous said...

wat did u do for the reco's?

Sneha said...

>>i got the recos from people i wanted. one from another dept, one detached prof from my dept and another formerly from my dept.. the last after some pleading melodrama though

Anonymous said...

Cool.. all the best.
I am sure arrrennn will rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

But how did al these happen? why did you scold the lecturer in the beginning? or am i missing something?

Sneha said...

>> i think you missed a link. do you know this concept of a hate community on orkut? check that out... should fill in the blanks

Warriorwithin said...

a demented soul who went into his hate community and remember each and every post by the author’s name? Damn it, I know that !@#$$% soul. And he actually recited my hate posts to me. Wow! That is @#$%%^&&* talent.

super kane....baddi maga yella nenapitkondidhaane.....hope he remebers me...


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