Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The rest of Manipal

Crawl. Crawl. Crawl.
That’s how the journey started off.
I slept the next 2 hours. When I woke up next, we were out of Bangalore and people around were complaining. Everyone was bitten by bed bugs.
Next stop was at Mayura. Have you eaten idli, vada, kesribath at 12.30 midnight? I have…
Competing with the bugs was the bad road to Mangalore. I kept wondering why this road was never repaired for so many years. In the last few years, every night journey to Mangalore has woken me a couple of times through the night. That is some highway.
Check into Paradise island beach resort, at Malpe, next morning. Good place!
Visit to Manipal press, the state-of-art press. I won’t go into the educational details of the visit. We all know the education aspect around here!
Lunch at Dollops, the legendary student hangout.( Dollops ice cream is an obsolete brand)
Evening was campfire, dance, dinner and sponsored Indian drinks. I don’t understand why every dance that is fun, has to be set to Punjabi music. Do you have any idea why?
Drunken colleagues are fun. The most silent one can turn out to be the most boisterous one. Like someone said, it is very easy to be funny when, even remotely, booze is involved.
Later in the night, the door bell of our room rang. Anticipating drunks, we opened the door. There was no one.
Next the telephone rang. The lady who shared my room answered. She hung up and imitated the receptionist, “Mr, S**** has lost his camera. If you find it, please hand it over”… the director, got drunk and lost his camera!!!!! We laughed like crazy for the next few minutes, or hours, or whatever. I still can’t stop laughing at it.
I told her, we should have hidden one possession of each drunk. She almost suspected me to be the camera thief…..
The next morning, I met the Director, a little sober. Asked him about his camera. He said he didn’t even get a camera to lose it. His turn to suspect me to have been drunk.’No really, I received a call last night.’ Whatever ….
The rest of the morning we built sand castles at Malpe beach. The best time of the trip. Maybe the camera thing was the best, too.

Visited Udipi temple to wash off sins, and grab some free food too. But I didn’t eat. No comment about that.
Back to the beach again.
Pack up and go to Mangalore. Visit the mall. What’s with Bangaloreans and malls?
Some people wanted ice creams and some wanted to eat more sumptuous food. Teo groups headed in different directions. I went to the ice cream shop, Pubbas Ice creams. Now thats a legendary Icecream shop in Mangalore!!!
Whoever said there would be a stop for dinner at Kamat... huh! the driver missed it again (the first time was on the way to Mangalore, when we had to eat at 12.30 because the driver missed Kamat the first time). So no dinner for the ice cream gang. Some smart guys still managed to pack up from Subway, while others who were hungry at 1 am had to stop at a bakery to eat Silver Jubilee DilPasand.

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