Monday, September 3, 2007

Manipal finally happened....

I start with this because, as planned, the office trip to Manipal never included me. Much as I wanted to go, even as people kept dropping out, I never got a call to be on the trip, from my boss, or his boss or anyone…
I tried till the last day, finally gave up and decided to get a haircut to feel better.
I reach my usual salon.. and there… she had to close early that day only.
Cursed my luck and took a ric home. As soon as reached and switched ont eh lights, I realized there was no power. Just in my house. Reason, I had not payed the electricity bill for a few months.
Cursing my luck again, I took the bill that my nieghbour had somehow managed to pay a few hours earlier, desperately trying to save my a**. But I couldn’t expect much. The guy said they will come home in an hour.
Ahh sad day!

I went back home to freshen up in candle light. A few minutes later my aunt came up shouting to proudly announce that uncle fixed it. Hmmm .. some luck! I thought. Then my friend who was listening to all the bad day whining decided to take me to Taj or dinner. Some more good luck!

The next morning I bunked office to relax after the exotic cocktails of Taj. Dont you dare think it was a hangover. It was relaxation. As I got used to the idea of being out of the trip (which was meant to be strictly educational), I got a call from the office and Director said he would try his best to get me on board. Hope it luck again!

Two hours later, he called again and confirmed me. And thats how Manipal finally happened

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bharts said...

sad day but atleast u made it 2 meet the bed bugs ;)...and the ensuing monsoons :)


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