Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Last night

dal masala at 8.30 pm.
plan "pebbles"...plan drive...
start driving on kanakpura road
buy breezers
dinner at holiday village. good food!
drive on NICE corridor. hit 160 kmph. good speed!!
drive on mysore road. good road!
.. ANISUTHIDE YAAKO INDU.. back to back. 20 times
go to maddur coffee day at 11.40 pm. bought espressos.
drive back.
throw empty breezer bottles on the road. uncivilized eh!
checking on mysore road.
stopped. opened the door. kept the empty bottle on the road. drove ahead. ha ha ha
no checking for us. ha ha ha
back home at 1.
back to office few hours later.

1 comment:

Suprita said...

Sigh sigh sigh.
Nangu maad baikku edd yella..
Illi, forget about hitting 160, half the time I'm checking my speedometer to make sure I'm not over speeding.. Sigh. You got to keep Breezers by the road..


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