Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happens again..

This guy who got robbed, was extremely happy when "POLICE" found the thief who robbed his DVD player, gold jewellery etc..

First visit to court
-enthusiasm at 10 am on a monday
-wait till 11.30 am for the court to open and lawyers to come. he thinks- why the hell did they find the thief?
-defence lawyer and public prosecutor want money to take his side. he doesn't have money. They show him the way to atm. He gives them Rs.3000 in cash.

Next visit to Police station
cop: yenappa nin hesru?(whats your name?)
he: replies
cop: yen maadtare nim appa? (what does your father do?)
he: retire aagidare saar (he is retired)
cop: yaav ooru? yelli hutti beldiddu? (where are you from? where were you born and brought up?)
he: bangalore
cop: matte? appa-amma helkottilva police avarige lancha kodbeku anta?(then? didn't your parents teach you to bride the cops?)
he: (???????)dud kodbeka? (should i pay?)
cop:naav hoglilva Belgaum ge kalla-na hidiyakke. (Didn't we go to Belgaum to catch the thief?)
he: oooooooohhhhhhhh
- gives them Rs.2000.

By the way, how much did the DVD player cost?


vikrem said...

hahaha, good one, i guess ur frnd learnt few lessons! ask him to buy new DVD player, he will end up spending less than wht he gives to police and lawyers

Santoz said...


This line wa funnier than the incident :-)


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