Friday, July 27, 2007


I always thought I was one of a kind, when it comes to dreams. I seem to get all the weird unconnected dreams. And I can dream just about anywhere. Not daydream. But actually fall asleep during the day and dream. That’s a talent!
Today a friend told me an interesting dream. And I just wanted to record it. He bought a washing machine recently. And ever since he bought it he has been obsessed with it. He probably plays with the thing everyday, trying out different functions on it. A few days back he dreamt that the washing machine was stolen!!! (ha ha ha…that’s what happens to all the coveted things in life, I say)
The dream didn’t end with the theft. The police came and investigated. The FIR was filed, blah blah. Finally, when the police went back, he found it on his terrace. Who would think of spending so much effort to take a washing machine up 4 floors to the terrace and just leave it there? Huh!! And all this in a dream….


Adnan Raja said...

I keep having strange dreams too.
A few weeks back, I went on a hike to 14000ft and had a glimpse down.
The next night, I was falling off the cliffs in different ways. Once, in a peaceful and satisfied way. Then, I was hanging at the edge of the cliff-painful, very painful! Then I fell and saw myself shatter into pieces [:)]

vikrem said...

i had a body started getting numb from the feet and tht numbness progressed to abdomen torso, hands...only then i realised i cant even move..i opened my eyes and saw me lying on a boat , travelling thru a river. my vision became black and white.....and suddenly everything blacked day morning i got up as usual
this is called NDE (near death experience)

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Harish said...

Ayyo, spam-ge hedarbeDi. Hosa post bariri.


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