Monday, June 4, 2007


A night long journey landed us at Gokarna. As we got off the bus, refreshed from the night’s sleep, to start exploring, a mild drizzle started. The tourist season on coastal Karnataka ends in May and this was the first week of June. This is how the trip started…
After a walk around the little city of Gokarna, we decided to board the bus the Karwar, which is an hour’s ride away.

On reaching Karwar, head straight to Jungle Lodges and Resorts, who would ferry us to their resort at Devbagh island.
A slightly scary boat ride in the drizzle which had almost risen the tide.
Lunch at Devbagh, the uninhabited and peaceful island, with a lot of virgin beaches.

The beach is brilliant after the showers, especially when the sky clears up to reveal bright blue water with pure white waves.
Playing in uninhabited beaches is a favorite. That’s why I head to the less popular destinations. (Unlike a crowded Goa, which I visited during Xmas)
Dinner at the resort after long tiring walks on the beach.
After dinner, we headed again to the beach. This time was even more beautiful. The clouds had cleared up to reveal a full moon night. We sat on the beach drinking vodka till midnight. The best thing I have done on a beach till date. The beach seemed to belong to us.
The next morning was a boat ride along the length of the coast, where we spotted the thin line separating the islands of Devbagh and Sadashivgad. Close to the coast, there are many islands namely Kurumgad, whose shape resembles a tortoise.
The boat ride was supposed to be a dolphin watching session. But apparently the dolphins didn’t show up, maybe due to the mild drizzle that had just started.
After the boat ride was another beach walking and beach bathing session.
Checked out around 11.30 and headed to the main bus stand of Karwar. There we got a bus to the island of Sadashivgad!

Sadashivgad is a few kilometers away from the mainland of Karwar, and is more populated. It looks like a self sufficient village connected to the bigger town of Karwar by the 1 km long bridge. The bus ride is Rs.6 per person and a very worthy ride.
The island is famous for a fort and a Durgadevi temple, both of which are very close to each other. The fort is almost destroyed except for an arch. But there is a good restaurant on top of the hill which the fort leads to. A view of the destroyed fort arch (on top).
A chilled beer on top of the hill/fort and a superb view of the sea and islands made our visit worth the travel.(Devbagh seen from Sadashivgad)

A bus ride back to the mainland and visit to the Karwar beach. A populated beach with lots of PaniPuri and Icecream gadis. Walk on the beach for a while and head to Kadwad village.
Kadwad village around 8 km away. It has a peaceful railway station. Not an old mystery one like you see in movies.
A little distance from the railway station is a church, which is claimed to “built in 1801 AD”, and supposed to “have an octagonal architecture” (that’s what the tourist guide book said). This was however a new church, well built and marked as built in 2006 and it had no “octagonal architecture” either. But still it was a good visit for a quiet Sunday evening.
End of trip.
Back to Bangalore. Back to Office.


rohan said...

Gokarna gets it's name from it being shaped like a Cow's ear ( Go Karna...catch the drift?..)
Legend has it Ganesh ( the elephant headed one for the unintended) dropped the Shiv Linga here which Ravana ( the ten headed one for the unintended )had asked him to hold. The Linga froze [:)] (sorry!) on the ground and Ravana started shearing it off in a fit of rage...What was left was a piece shaped like a cow's ear...Pretty good eh? Hmmm..hope this pleases my geography teacher though.....

vikrem said...

ur blogs are full of tourist spots! nice tht you are enjoying! next time when someone tells me that going abroad for good natural scenery is the best, i will better show ur blog. we come to know there r good places near b'lore too!
keep touring,keep blogging

Sandeep said...

Sarrige sut-taidiya ella kade... Maja maadu ;)

Suprita said...

Awesome pics.

choti said...

Hey sexy pics. The beach area wher you ar dressed in red is awesome. The coulds enhance the blue shade onto the sea or is it the other way around?? wonder why dint take a photo sans you. the tusker pics ar too brilliant, how abt a close up pic of a "ONTI SALAGA" next time around??


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