Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pests, they all....

Pigeons, the smaller problem. Maybe because they are a decent species. For some reason, I hadn’t used a particular side of my house for a really long time. (long time means 1week and not much more that that)
After a few trips, I came home one fine morning, and went to this unused part of the house. There I found a couple of pigeons planning for their yet to be born family. The pregnant pigeon was almost instructing her male how to build a nest in my bathroom shelf. How dare they do that? I screamed a little in disgust, and he flew out of the window. Good. I locked the window and threw out the building materials of his nest.
He was sitting on the window sill for a while, hoping I would open the window for him. Sorry, not happening. End of story.

A mouse, which is about 1/1000 of my size, has invaded my territory and my peace of mind. I just cannot figure out how something as small as a mouse could scare me, this badly. I came home after a late night party and entered the restroom, to find this ugly mouse swimming in the closet. Like the booze was not enough to clog my brains, this mouse required some elimination thinking at that odd hour. Scared to use the same toilet, I locked the mouse in that night. The next night, I flushed unconsciously. So, I don’t know if he escaped out or just got flushed.
Anyway, that’s not the problem. Last night, I went home and found the mouse hidden in another closet. This is what scares me and confuses me more. Did he find an internal path of the toilet flushes? Or did he actually escape and go to the other closet? What is his obsession with my closets? I cannot use the toilets in peace, because I think he might just come from the “internal path”, and jump up and bite my a**. A friend even tells me, it could have been a female, in which case the vengeance is worse than I can imagine. Now I need help to eliminate this mouse.


Sandeep said...

Try Mortien Rat-kill.

Aadi said...

Simple.....Go to animal shop buy CAT.

Harish said...

New post yaako bardilla neevu?


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