Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Trip to Kabini

What’s the program? 
11th May, Friday 2007
12:00 p.m: Check in at noon. Settle down and freshen up---------- reached at 2.45 PM. So before we settled down and freshened up, we rushed to the dining hut.

1:30-2:30 p.m: Treat yourself to a sumptuous lunch at the Gol Ghar ----------- ate like gluttons till 3.30 PM

4:00pm: Gear up for a ride into the Park with tea/ coffee served at the Gol Ghar -------- drank the tea/coffee on time (irrespective of the lunch timing)

4:30-7:00 pm: Our naturalists take you on a wildlife jeep safari into the Nagarhole National Park, showing & sharing with you their experiences and information about the jungle and all the animals that live there.------------- on time activity… an enjoyable ride through the forest. Took lots of pictures. Some rare elephants and their families too….

7:45 p.m: Watch a wildlife movie as you gulp beer at the Viceroy's building.---------- movie? What the @#$%? whoever wanted to see wildlife movies after checking out the real wildlife for the 3 previous hours!I walked out 2 minutes after entering 10 minutes late for the wildlife movie.

8:30-10:00 p.m: Bask in the warmth of the campfire, while you dine in the Gol Ghar, exchanging tales of the jungle with the other guests and our staff.---------- campfire is a myth. There was no such thing. After dinner ,we were star gazing next to the on the banks of the back waters. A peacefully good thing again, except there were no jungle tales exchanged. A repeated discussion of work-woes and a feel-good-outburst-of-frustration.

12th May, Saturday 2007
6.00-6.30a.m: Wake up to a hot early morning cup of tea/coffee----------- woke up at 5.45. got ready by 6.45. Therefore no hot early morning tea/coffee.

7.00-09.30 a.m: Cruise through the serene backwaters of the Kabini River on a motor boat viewing sleepy crocodiles and chirpy birds, intent on their morning catch. View a variety of wildlife, especially the elephants, coming to the river for bath or a drink. -------------- No, we did not spot any sleepy crocodiles. But the birds and their nests were a worthy morning sight.

10.00 a.m: Your stay at Kabini is not over yet. A hearty brunch is what awaits you after your sojourn in the wild.-------- the brunch was the best meal of Kabini resorts. A mix of healthy south-indian and continental food. Some chit-chat on top of the net after brunch, till we were repeatedly reminded of the checkout time by the resort staff.

11.00 a.m: As you bid adieu to Kabini, the memories of your stay here will linger on, till the time you return again------- Good bye on time

You might find these useful if you are considering:

Places to Stay: Jungle Lodges and Resorts is a very nice place and offers day-wise packages, try these telephone numbers:

91 - 80- 25597021 

91 - 80- 25597024 

91 - 80- 25597025 

Internal transport : Again a very nice resort but tucked away in the jungles. So I would suggest you to take your own transaport.

Climate : Try to schedule your visit after the first showers as the jungles can get heated up inspite of having a river inthe vicinity.

Food : The resort arranges 3 meals a day as a part of the package with coffee/tea at any time. There is a bar which doesnot include any free drinks :-)

Some incidents:-
11th May 7.30 PM
Person1 (P1): we can have some tea now.
Me: ok. Lets order if its free.
P1: ya it is.
……… roomboy brings a tea heater, some packets of instant coffee powder, sugar and tea bags.
P1:Hey I am not good at making tea with tea bags.
……… I made my tea
Me: I forgot to add sugar. Pass me a sugar packet.
P1: (passes me 2 packtes) put one in mine also
Me: (confused) …..
P1: where is my tea? You didn’t make for me?
Me: oh!!! You expected me to make Tea for you @#$%%^^&&*(


Jay said...

A trip to be remembered... i really had a good time...!!! nice post sneha :)

Arjun Sharma said...

Why have the swearwords at the end been censored? Were you under tremendous pressure from the moral police? If so, Harish can help you. He strives hard to bring to light such incidents of policing by the moral brigade.

Harish said...

If someone is moral-policing (if there is such a word) you, immediately contact CNN-IBN. Tell them that 'divisive sectarian fanatics belonging to the saffron brigade' are behind it. You will instantly become popular. To be even more popular and get the sympathy of all 'intellectuals', you can allege that ,"Narendra Modi is behind this moral policing".


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