Monday, May 28, 2007


P2: hey, I got robbed
Me: ha ha ha…
… when and how?
P2: I went home after work last night and found out that I was robbed of (… a whole list of things like dvd player, gold etc) and the police investigation kept me up all night. :(
Me: cool it man. It could have been a lot worse
P2: eh?
Me: what if you went home and found all your undies stolen? You would have nothing to wear today morning. It could have been a lot worse.
P2: hmm… yeah :)
---------*----------*---------end of conversation

Me: hello?
P3: ….(sleepy tone) hello
Me: are you asleep?
P3: …(sleepy tone) no
…(liar liar)
Me: do you wan to talk or do you want to sleep?
P3: …(sleepy tone) I want to talk
……(@#$%%^& liar)
Me: shut up and go to sleep
---------*----------*---------end of conversation


Harish said...

What's this!?

The first conversation in particular could have been done without.

Sneha Divakar said...

oh these conversations actually happened with me and people...
it is some kind of dedication to those people (who got robbed and got woken up in the middle of the night)

vikrem said...

hahaha, sleepy tone and people on the other side never realise how bad it is to speak when someone is asleep!
i keep getting calls exactly at 2 am from different time zones.
yeah frnds from USA,UK, dubai, india
all hav a good coincidence, call me at 2 am and ask 'i am sorry, am i disturbing during ur dinner?"

Suprita said...

Hehe.. I like second conversation.. We should all do that once in a while. Wake people up and ask them to go back to sleep :D

Preethi Vallam said...

hehe.. funny!!


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