Monday, April 9, 2007

A Perfect Sunday Morning and a series of events...

Sometimes events in life decide to happen with the worst possible combinations. That’s why I have heard “oh!!! It’s a bad day!”..
Yesterday was one such “bad day”. I don’t see any point in calling a day bad. Maybe my mood was not at the best on that day.
It was a perfect Sunday morning. I woke up at 10, relaxed on the sofa (inspite of relaxing all night on the bed), had a good breakfast and some good home- made coffee. Then I had to go to the All Karnataka Brahmin Women’s Conference, where women of various ages(lets say, mostly middle to old), clad in expensive clothing and jewellery, meet and discuss about rural women’s health and welfare. This was ironical enough!! But my parents (not just mother) were invited by the association and I was dragged along. After the perfect Easter Sunday start, I was dragging myself in “good” clothes, in the hot sun, to attend this welfare event. Whatever my presence would change!! Why was I here? I still dint mind it. I dint even mind being one among “my sisters” while standing in a long line (in the blazing sun again) to get my food. After food, and a good glass full of lassi (from my favorite lassi joint) I bought canvas for my next art work. After a nap, I felt better. Then I headed for a salsa party. This sounds good, doesn’t it? No, it didn’t go that well either.
I met a friend for coffee at Café Coffee Day on the side walk of MG Road. That is a nice weekend evening thing that everyone would want to do. And yes, it was fun for the next one hour. But when we went to the salsa party, the guard said it was cancelled. Now, I wanted to salsa so desperately, that I even bought fitness shoes an hour earlier. And how can the salsa night be cancelled? Nooooooooo …..
My friend and I decided to walk all the way back 1 km to where we had left our bike and ride to the dance studio. Hopefully we could practice there.
As life decided to worsen the combination of events, we had a drunken watchman open the door for us. He flatly refused to let us dance at the studio. After some talking, he just decided to let us dance.
The stereo just would not turn on, even after trying all the possible buttons on it. And finally after 10 sweaty minutes, my friend turned it on. And we began to practice before a dance.
In the middle of the practice, maybe after 7-10 minutes, the drunken watchman apparently got bored. He just decided he was sleepy. Now he wanted to close the school and go back home. We didn’t have a choice. We had to stop dancing and leave. 
Like this was not enough, I went home and had nothing to eat, nothing to do… all on that perfectly kicked off Easter Sunday


Harish said...

From what you have said, "All Karnataka Brahmin Women’s Conference", probably, was a more fruitful event as atleast you got something to eat there ansatte. Enantira?

Ella aa vidhiya aaTa!

Sneha Divakar said...

bisibelebath-mosaranna-sweet oota.. adakke yaaru fruitful antare?
i think it was lassi, coffee and then food is the order of fruitfulness..

THE REJECT said...

hehe, how come you get to go to salsa parties on every sunday. even this sunday, your routine was no different

Arjun Sharma said...

Why were you attending the All Karnataka Brahmin Women’s Conference anyway? Alla, bisibele bath ishta, sari. Adakke heega?


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