Friday, April 20, 2007

A bad start but an Unexpectedly good week..

Last week was a good and memorable week! As compared to the Sad-Sunday, this was an unexpectedly good week for such a Sunday. …(whatever that means to you).I can’t say I had less work at office, because I usually am never overloaded with work. My company believes in conserving the energy of employees, probably.

Monday kick-started the week with one of my real bad moods, which are usually termed as Monday-Morning-Madness.

Tuesday was a movie day. I saw “The Namesake” late afternoon, which might have counted as office hours (only if I were to wait for the company cab to travel home).

Wednesday was a mid-week party night. The best part of these mid-week parties is, a drink is free.

Thursday was another movie day. No, really, I am not kidding. I saw “Namaste London”.

Friday was our team lunch. Not the happier kinds where the team-lead hosts it, but Dutch. But I didn’t mind an outing (like I would ever do?). Post lunch was movie time again! A few team-mates got off at the nearby multiplex and bought tickets for “Bheja Fry”. The show was after a hour-and-a-half. I thought of a mug of Kalmane coffee and some window shopping at United Colors of Benetton for timepass and ended up actually shopping at Benetton.

But the best part of the day or rather the whole week was yet to come. The movie “Bheja Fry” was absolutely brilliant. It happens to be the best goof-up humor movie I have seen in ages. If anyone wants to have a good time or just brighten up a sad day, I suggest, see the movie!

Saturday and Sunday were the usual Salsa classes.

Sunday evening was a good salsa party at Athena, where I tried all my best Salsa moves, with better dancers. Steps, shakes and swings.. everything I have learnt up-to-date.

Now that’s what I call a good week!!!


guru said...

Dina ondu moviege karkonDuhogtaara nimma aafeesalli? oLLe vyavasthe. kelsa kaarya antella en ashtaagi iralveno?

Harish said...

enondu' art space' itkonDiddra neevu, adannu yaako update maaDtaane illa neevu?

sneha_april said...

wait maadi harish.. my art space update is on the way..

Arjun said...

Naanoo nodbekalla 'Bheja fry' movie-na? Please excuse me thank you.

Olle weekly updates-u.


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