Wednesday, January 17, 2007

EFI's day out at Club Cabana

There's something about club cabana!!n
No, not a great start.. okie... i agreee, i am not a great writer. not even a good one for that matter.
But still let me share some nice incidents on our "office day out".
On the early morning of 12th jan 2007, we had to catch a bus at 7 am to reach office where we would board better (read semi deluxe) buses to go to Club Cabana. Even though the office cab came later than 15 min of the scheduled time, considering the starting spirits, people like me were still in good mood!!!
We reached Club Cabana at 9.45 am. The welcome drink was a pepsi cola!!! No, it dint piss me off... really....
Then we had to assemble at the conference room. Oh!! For a presentation from the senior directors. Oh!! That took roughly an hour, where the educated gentlemen talked about the company's progress and vision for 2007. No, that dint bore me...
The event managers hired by our company immediately snatched the mic after the last
gentleman barely finished.there was this bald dude named bopanna with his assistants, sharanya (smart girl), arvind (decent dude) and sonia (i guess very hot, who made all the male employees hoot a hi). They made us play very stupid games. That's a very mild way of describing their iq levels and how they estimated our (I.T employees') iq levels. around lunch time we were left free from these "event damagers". We were shown around Club Cabana's water sports.
As soon as the H.R guy finished showing us the place, people flashed out their digital camera possessions and started flashing away. at this point i would like to recall a comment made by my cousin. She had once told me 'people in our country will lay down their lives to get their photos shot'. OK. my collegues may not be so severe. but every one lined up to get their solos shot next to the pool.
The bar counter and lunch counter simultaneously opened near the tidal pool. Everyone
changed into "burmuda" shorts. As the men got into the water and started splashing water around, I could see a lot of others dry and drinking beer. Another cousin had warned me earlier, if too many people drink beer and get into the pool, the water is likely to be more acidic. But still i decided to get into the pool. As I got into a pair of "burmudas" and came out, I could see the other "burmuda" clad women fighting with the Club authorities who would not let us get into water with those bulky clothes. and women saying we dont like skin show to other collegues!!! The final decision by the authorities was to let women use the shallow pool ( read baby pool ). but water is fun with whatever depth.... no, the grapes aren't sour... I decided to have food as soon as i came out of water, wet and shivering. This was fun, for sure!!!
But yes, other people who were drunk on whatever the free Rs.200 beverage coupon gave them, were dancing to the music that was playing. I even took a video of the self created dance steps of a lot of people. They didnt care about the onlookers. This was even more amusing. Alcohol can induce strange things into humans and dance is only an example.
I went to get a "bejois", mango drink to beat the heat.A certain camera owner approached me and Krishna for a shot. As i was posing a huge monster fell on me from nowhere. And i later realised that was only a human being drunk on the Rs.200 worth of alcohol. Nevertheless,the photographer took a wonderful shot of me and "bejois" which he later titled "Bejois piyo, Mast jiyo"!!!!
After food, we all went for bowling. People were still not bored of the photo shots. They kept clicking in the bowling alley, outside and everywhere possible. Post-bowling was another photo session. the photo session continued till till we were offered high tea... which no one who was stuffed with all the food and alcohol, could have possibly had. No sooner did the tea session, than we were pushed off to the semi-deluxe buses and bundled back to office.
So thats the end of our "happy day"... oops, "company day out"...


Ryan said...

Pretty good article. Looks like you had fun. Not a bad start! Keep it up.

Ryan said...

No I am not from EFI, and I am assuming EFI would be the name of the firm you work for. Did i get that right?. I was trying to find out all the blogs relating to bangalore and people who live in Bangalore. Your profile was one of the profiles which popped out in the result. What caught my eye was the way you started it.
The second episode which you have added is pretty cool too. Yes you are right I dont have a profile on here as i dont blog.

Anonymous said...


I was looking at the list of "all the blogs relating to bangalore and people who live in Bangalore".

I didn't find yours. Maybe Ryan has built his own search engine.

Ryan said...

Anonymous: From your comment I can figure out you are novice to the Internet and blogging stuff. So go figure..
FYI : When there is some interesting and well written blog it surely deserves appreciation.

Ryan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
geets said...

Nice one Sneha.. seriously we had a gr8 year start.. n i know that monster who fell on you 4m nowhere ..kaash i would have been there n clicked the pic too..

Sreejith said...

Cool articles.. More over you a good artist.. I liked your painting :)

Anonymous said...


For the record, what exactly did Meatloaf mean by "that"?


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