Saturday, December 16, 2017

Getting a job in Netherlands

Start this job search guide in Europe as a helping article much earlier but finished now, here goes...


  • Don't shoot in the dark. If you shoot 100 apps a day by just hitting "easy apply" to submit, the company takes the easy route to reject. Harsh!
  • Don't take it easy if you really need a job to pay your bills or to cover your career gap.
  • Don't kill yourself if the career gap is getting wider. Accompanying spouses who move countries stress so much about the career break that they stop living, make their life miserable and pass the negativity to their partners. It is not worth!
  • Don't undersell yourself. If you are qualified in a field, you probably know you would need to take a few steps back to start in a new place. But going to work as a sales assistant when you have a university degree and years of work experience makes you doubt yourself, "accept fate" and become more negative.


  • Job search is a ful ltime job. Wake up, get to your desk at 9 am and search-write-submit for 8 hours. 
  • Send atleast 10 job apps per day.
  • Write a  customized cover letter. When you read the job description, make a connection to how you will do each task and write it in your cover letter. No better way.
  • Read the job description. Seems like a no brainer, but desperate times call for desperate measure. Read clearly if it is how you can spend your day doing.
  • If you make it through the screening to the phone/ on site interview, make the first round about you-and-them, learning about the company, and asking a lot of questions.
  • Research the company and the business and ask questions. This shows your interest to do the job at their company. 
  • Be brave! You need the job, but you are not begging for it by being humble and submissive. A company wants to hire a strong person.
In the meanwhile, you can live!
  • Learn Driving. It is a different country with different traffic dynamics, smaller/ wider roads and often on the other side of the road.
  • Get a bike and bicycle around.
  • Dance, paint, sing - join a club to do it
  • Take long walks. The power of fresh air can do wonders to a lonely idle mind and definitely save your mind from becoming a devil's workshop. Don't mind the weather, just walk.
  • Set up a freelancing business. Netherlands is the motherland of entrepreneurship! It takes 40 minutes to register your business if you have the slightest idea of what you want to offer. Your shop needs to be open if opportunities need to come by.

Friday, November 3, 2017

What inspires you to travel

Here's my own list

Movies that inspire you to travel and go with the flow:
The way. My best so far. Walking through Europe was the hook.
Into the wild. Being lost in a jungle while being a rebel. Love it. 
Vincent and me . My artsy side fell in love with the 13 year old protagonist when I was 13
Eat pray love . A bit over rated but the part of renting a house in Italy and Indonesia does its part. 
Australia. Travel. Move. To a strange land. Make contact with tribals. Live happily. Why not?

Chai chai
The Alchemist 
The day I stopped drinking milk

Bakalava / Pakhlava - the speciality of Turkey-soviet regions. I loved my trip to Armenia because every evening I would head out in quest of Bakalava
Vodka - Same as above. In Armenia and Poland I bought all this great variety of Vodka that I am super excited to try out, party and get drunk.

Vodka in the east - Eastern europe, Poland, Russia, Armenia
Leather- I am looking forward to buy this in Italy

Friday, September 29, 2017

Happy Autumn

After completing 5 years of living in Europe, I have a good sense of Western/ Central European life and culture. So here's what rubbed off on me and what ingrained into me:

1. I lost the English language I learnt all life!
Really strange but I can confirm that a language you learn as a child can change in structure as you become an adult. I learnt  British English growing up in India. But then I started learning German 5 years back. The structure of German and now Dutch has rubbed into my vocabulary and language so much that " I have now begun to speak like a Dutch person.

2. Be unapologetic about the directness
One thing I really appreciate about the Dutch culture is the directness and "to-the-point" talking. It cut a lot of unnecessary details out.
But more importantly made my talk precisely. I had struggles with confidence and used to mumble a lot. I personally feel it reduced and clarity increased when I made spoke (in a foreign language sometimes).

3. More kindness, More acceptance
Seems like I should have learnt it in elementary school. But infact I grew up very entitled and self-centered (like most people whose parents provide for them). The typical NRI life is families getting together for potluck Indian dinners every weekend and bitching, about India, about fellow Indians, about the host country. Just negativity.
When I ventured out to meet diverse people whose journey is far different from relating, I just decided to give kindness, acceptance and love.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Amsterdam Uitmarkt - Bolly does it!

You probably know I have taken a liking to Flashmobs. What you see on my blog is only flashmob posts. But there is more to it.

Uitmarkt is a music, dance and cultural festival in The netherlands with 40+ years history and it marks the beginning of the cultural season in Holland. And as a feather in our caps, together with my Bollywood dance group, we were sponsored by Amsterdam Fringe Festival to throw a Flashmob at Uitmarkt. It was definitely a moment of pride to be a part of Fringe considering I had earlier applied to be a Fringe artist and not made it for Amsterdam Fringe 2017.

Art and expression knows no boundaries!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

2017 - Binging on life

This year started so slow, a few successes and failures initially. I tried to change gears and accelerate it but the fate had a different pick-up rate to my gaadi and it crashed down with a big thud. What that gave me was a fixed timeframe to fix it and bring it back to the life I wanted to live or go to the life I had to live. The clock started and I started reaching out to all lifelines. I still think I am living on borrowed time. Therefore I started binging on life.
Sun, Sea and Sailing. Kinda sums it up!

  • Moved to Amsterdam center. I would rather live the Amsterdam life than not.
  • Started biking, sketching by the Amstel and kept the dancing going.
  • Travel to a new town every weekend. Train, bus or bike. Beach, canal or castle.
  • Booked a trip for next month!
  • Got an unlimited movie card. Watching all of those on big screen.
  • Explore restaurants. Not that I didn't do it earlier, but I am binging on life, like I intend to.
  • Booked a theme park! Next will be a spa and the like...


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