Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ugadi dance in Amsterdam

After my Republic Day dance, I have just caught the dance bug and been more excited than ever to dance. So I landed in Amsterdam, didn't want to repeat the nuremberg mistakes, began socializing and met another girl who was interested in dance. I registered for the Ugadi program by Holland Kannada Balaga. Now it all comes together when me, the unemployed wants to do something with my time for the Ugadi celebrations. Gessell and I started practicing to Divya's pre choreographed Kannada dance video. And then we decided to have some more dancers and pulled in husband. Sent out a ton of emails to Kannada Balaga members and had two people join in. Got some of Pavan's simple choreo and put a sequence together. This is our dance

Friday, April 4, 2014

Bike is back!

Yeah! My bicycle arrived from a month in storage. And today, I took it out already. Oh! what fun it is to ride to a mall and ride back with groceries in a backpack. Seriously, I've begun to adapt to these Dutch ways quite fast. Also, I was way too scared of losing the bike on my first day. but this mall seemed to have saved my bike this time :) Happiness!!!!!

Now-a-days I am dancing it out. Yes, to beat the moving stress and the "change of base" depression that follows, I have formed a group with some folks and we have been dancing. Our first on stage performance will be on the 12th of April :D Ta daaaa...

And there is the Bollywood dance group that got formed with me as a core member :) We have danced twice at Conscious hotels Vondelpark already. We did a full choreod dance for Badtameez Dil. What fun! 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Change of Base, Change of Gears

I changed location from Nuremberg to Amsterdam. The first few days were a shock to see a big city attitude. Especially after being grounded in a small town for close to two years. And eventually, including present and future, I believe I will get used to a big city attitude. Atleast I see a lot of people when I step out. That's a big relief. But the laziness that comes with the idle mind has not left. So it is back to my old routine. Although I am from a big-ish city, it takes a while to get used to the bigness. Physically Amsterdam is not so big. The city center has everything in walking distance. I could walk from Rembrantplein to Leidseplein and from there to Vondelpark.

Now the drill repeats. Find a new apartment to live in. Receive household from storage. Set it up. Find a internet provider. Set it up. Find a gym (hopefully near home) , join and be regular. Or find a swimming pool (better) and try to be regular. That reminds me, I have 3 unused swimming pool tickets in Erlangen. I have to go back now, to finish the unfinished business.

I was at Vondelpark yesterday, when it was sunny. By the time I set up myself and began to sketch, the sun was out and it got windy. I could still manage some 5 minute sketches. Will put those up soon.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


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Thursday, February 13, 2014

My devils are sleeping

If empty mind is a devil's workshop, then my devils are also sleeping. That is how devoid of good, bad and ugly thoughts my workshop has gotten. Needless to say, the joints are rusty and creaky. Really, my bones are cracking since the last few days.

I keep thinking why a person gets so bored with routine. Especially, because I am the person who longs for a routine in place and gets upset by the disruption of routine. But when routine is so spaced out as it is now, I am at a loss. This has made me come back and blog as often as I used to in my first job and some time after that. When I was bored with myself and looked at keying in for some inspiration to scratch and spill out. You know, the kind that oozes out when you keep scratching the surface.

Of late, I have begun to think I am getting sun sensitive. Just like these Europeans think to themselves. They are happy and active when the sun shines and dull when it is cloudy or rains or snows. That means, an average person in Europe is happy for 15 days to 2 months every year. That is an aweful statistic to live life with.

I am also looking forward to the adrenaline rush from the move and new place. I dont care if the weather is bad for 300 days because I just got to know there is life in English indoors!!!!!


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